Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Austrian Chilled Masters - K&D

There is no need for an introduction, is there?

Kruder & Dorfmeister rings only this quote to our minds:

"Mesmerizing Sound"

They are the best DJ's and Producers in the World - Since their early 1980's  debuts. They are the masters behind Chill House Music .

Their K&D Sessions set new house trend, pushed the boundaries of producing. 

Acid Jazz pioneers, these two genuises compiled tracks and albums one after the other.

Some of their latest work still rivals their earlier compositions. 

All of their musical work has transformed the way we listened to music in funky bars, restaurants and at home with friends. Their music helped so many of us relax after a hard day or week at work. They make us travel beyond our daily fears of life, stress, away from our dark side into a dreamy world where fear stops and sudden joy and coolness takes shape.  

K&D Music was a real bench mark to what house music especially is today, these early pioneers grooved early before and late after parties globally.

You automatically knew you were at a cool cats party if this was playing in the background.

Here are a selection of our best tracks from the K&D Sessions - Njoy

Friday, July 22, 2011

IT'S MADEON - The New Kid on The Block - Dubbed The Legitimate Son of Daft Punk - Yes He is French & Only 17.

He is an overnight Internet Sensation, his You Tube Clip just hit 1Million views in less than 12 days from being uploaded. He is the new FRENCH POP SENSATION - ITS MADEON - From what we can see on the video of his amazing gig at "The Social Club Paris", he is tall and skinny and all we know is that he just knows how to "ROCK IT". Only 1 year shy of being legally free to do what ever he wants, like buying a drink in a Club (bientot mon Ami). I let his "Pop Culture Video" below where he showcases his amazing skills using the amazing Midi Controller of ABLETON - THE LAUNCH PAD from NOVATION do the TALKING!

We love your work MADEON and cannot wait to hear more from you. Keep posting those videos, you are an inspiration. A new generation of DJ's are born. Long gone are the good old days of Vinyls and CDs'. LIVE DJING is FAST becoming the most versatile style.


Here is a preview of his genius Remixes (FREE DOWNLOAD)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Rising Star & Progressive Legend in the Making HENRY SAIZ

The Man that uses Music as his Art. He does not need any introduction as the world best labels such as GU and BEDROCK and world best Dj's have all embraced his work and are sharing his music with open hearts, knowing it will take the crowd to the next level. His Labyrinth Online Radio Show on Proton Radio is a Massive GLOBAL Success. Henry does it so well, beautifully presented and every mix of his guarantees a New Musical Experience. In this Video below you see the Master Mind "Henry Saiz" showcase how he creates his Journey of Music & Album Making. 

What a true Progressive inspiration Henry Saiz brings to all of us, Dj's Producers, Underground Party goers. A true Progressive House Master and Legend in the Making. Be sure to try catch Henry while his touring AUSTRALIA this July. 

The level of his Underground Progressive Sound and his original traxx/remixes are just Pure Creativity. Try catch one of his iconic Progressive Sets where ever you are just go explore his amazing  Labyrinth Podcast - This is The Best of 2010 - 27 amazing track and what an Intro NYC. Thank you Mr Saiz for such beautiful music. We definitely will see you at Chinese Laundry on the 23rd July YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
And dont forget to buy his latest MASTERPIECE - 

If you miss him in Australia try catch him on his World Tour check his Band Page 


Monday, May 30, 2011

DoH presents The History of House Music

So where was The birth of House Music? From good Old House Classics to the current Remixes by the world best Dj's and Producers - here is a quick bio for our DoH fan base.

While house music does not have a direct predecessor in genre,it is considered by some to be strongly influenced by disco with elements of soul and funk. House music is based on four-by-four dance structure, popularized by disco, frequent use of a prominent bass drum on every beat, and may feature a prominent synthesizer bassline, electronic drums, electronic effects, funk and pop samples, often with reverb or delay effects applied to the vocals. 

One of the First Djs to bring us House Music was the collaboration between legends and pioneers Jamie Principle, Chip -E & Frankie Knuckles  - Much RESPKT and LOVE goes to these man and their contribution/influence towards HOUSE MUSIC.


Source: Wikipedia

House music is a style of electronic dance music that originated in Chicago, Illinois, United States in the early 1980s. It was initially popularized in mid-1980s discothèques catering to the African-American,Latino American communities; first in Chicago circa 1984,then in other cities such as New York City, Newark, Toronto, Montreal, London, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami. It then reached Europe largely due to the infamous House Music Tour visiting England. England played a pivotal role in the development of house music throughout Europe. Since the early to mid-1990s, it has become infused in mainstream pop and dance music worldwide.

They built House music and all we live for today - RESPKT from DoH Team - Love your work, deeply. Frankie Knuckles did this remix which was the birth of REMIXES for HOUSE MUSIC and a new way for Dj's to get their hands on originals and come up with their own productions, flavors.

Early 1980's saw some of the best HOUSE CLASSICS !!

The late 1988- saw a burst of electronic sound, double claps, echo sounds and much more effects started the trend from Funky, Disco - Tech House and Hard House for that era. They even called ist CHICAGO ACID. The use of vocalizer were now the big thing in 1990.

A Detroit Old CLASSIC

The late 1990 saw some OLDER CLASSIC & pioneer such as

But then came the pure instrumental experimentations and electronic music and new genres and sounds were born in the late 1991- 1993 !! AMBIENT HOUSE | ACID HOUSE | CHILL HOUSE & TECHNO WAS BORN !!

We found this great comment from YouTubeUser - Thanks RFB, great tune. For anyone confused about whether this is or isn't techno ... the music made by some Detroit producers from sometime in the early '80s was influenced by such sounds as Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Human League, PIL and other Euro post punk and NR outfits, but also sprang directly from the city's strong black music tradition (MOTOWN). All possible because of a healthy disregard for genres. Techno is not all bang bang bang. Free your ass and your mind will follow!

The year of 2000 onwards brought us what House Music is all about. Sexy beats blended with moving lyrics, sensational vocals and melodies was now the ultimate. What a better band to define and pioneer through such a new style than the SOULSEARCHER who gave us some of the Old Time House Classic - Cant get Enough | Feelin Love are some of the best HOUSE MUSIC on this planet -

Enjoy !!!

DAVID MORALES - Needin U And what a Track -

And House Music took a turn in 2002 - wher French Duo | CASSIUS 
gave us 

Part 2 (coming soon)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Australian Producer and "Chart Topper" Mr Sam LA MORE -

Since his 2003 debut and club hits to now being one of Australia most demanded Dj, Sam has been djing around the globe while producing some of the best Electro House Remixes around. Top charts fro weeks, his ingenuousness of finding prolific sound, addictive melodies with the right ingredients thrown in his productions, makes him one of Australia finest. We don't want to offend any other Dj's here. This is just Sam's turn to be greatly Saluted & Applauded.  

His track "I WISH IT COULD LAST" is a Global Sensation with fans and what a Club Hit. Many of us fell in love with him and the track will remain one of the best.  Sam has also paired with WA artists "EMPIRE OF THE SUN" and produced an amazing Remix. Mainly touring and working with International Dj's, Singers and of course MOS. 

Sam LA MORE - MOS Session Eight with Tommy Trash is a BANGING ONE - What a compilation. Definitely worth the wait. Thank you Guys.

Sam is now definitely in his own league, every Dj and Label are all ears waiting for the next SL productions. Here is one of his Best Track & Video - Full of Love and So Melodic - Like we like it at DoH 

For More info/booking Sam LA MORE for your Private Gig or Corporate Event/ a remix maybe - Forget it the man has too many too chose from !!! Can't decide !!! LOL

Monday, May 16, 2011

Scarlett Etienne - The "She" of the Underground

She is a Singer, she plays Piano, Guitar, Drums hence the awesome Producer and Dj she is the ONE & ONLY - SCARLETT ETIENNE - 
Her work and accomplishment as branded herself as
"The She of The Underground"

DoH has dedicated this page to introduce this very talented musician. She is the "Who You Know" in the Music and Underground Scene. 

Working with the biggest name in the Music Industry Scarlett has now more contacts, gigs and records offers than anyone can handle. Now on the Global Agenda - You certainly will catch her in underground clubs & festivals in all major cities.

 Thank you for your contribution to music and the fashion you brought to the Underground scene is second to none.

"Tu es la Meilleure et la plus Belle"

Love and cherish your work.  
Here is one of her musical production with AUDIOFLY




TURBO RECORDINGS Introduced by Dj Scarlett Etienne-